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I recently read in a tech blog that Forrester projected 10.3 MILLION popular e-readers were under the Christmas Tree for the year 2010. That's up 9 MILLION more e-readers sold in year 2010 than 2009! " Peter Hildick-Smith of market research firm Codex Group comments recently in The NY Times Online, "This is the tipping-point season for e-readers, there's no question. A lot more books are going to be sold in e-book format. It also means that a lot fewer people are going to be shopping in bookstores."

Well, Borders couldn't agree more as it planed to close 17 stores right after Christmas 2010! "Borders Books will close 17 stores early next year. The Detroit Free Press had the news: “Borders Group plans to close 17 Borders superstores nationwide after the holidays including one in Michigan. The last day of sales is Jan. 7 for the store at 30995 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills...Borders Reported a $74.4 Million Loss in Q3 2010," reports MediaBistro.com

There will never be a better time to seize the opportunity to publish a book than now! Trade publishing will never be the same and the window of opportunity is NOW to e-Publish your digital content. Imagine your niche market content available on Kindle, iPad, Nook or Kobo for let's say .99 cents! Now with approximately 10.3 million e-readers upon Santa's 2010 sleigh, how much would you have earned by writing and publishing your e-book to be retailed by the popular e-reader e-book distributors?

Just use a little creativity! Write a novel, book of recipes, travel tips from your last vacation, valuable HOW TO wisdom, poems, short stories from you kids---anything will make a good turn paging e-book as long as it remains a high quality written document! Consider using old lessons, handouts, presentations or old content stored on old computers, file cabinets or drawers. Content is KING or QUEEN as we are in the information age; so sell INFORMATION!

Just imagine your document downloading on all of the readers and phone apps and computer apps and beyond! There is nothing stopping you from creating e-books from your valuable content, knowledge and imagination. As a publication designer, I share my valuable trade secrets for just HOW I create my e-books and am e-publishing my writings. You can also! Why Not?


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U-PUB~"Just Be Yourself and Prosper" is my personal e-resource list for e-publishing your e-Books on Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo and popular e-reader and apps! This e-book contains my personal trade tips for making MY very own e-books! As always, my resource links share the very BEST, EASIEST and FREE TECH RESOURCES online for producing new media content on the internet!
These are the tech resources I USE PERSONALLY... and my HOW TO STEPS for: Making e-BOOKS and e-PUBLISHING for FREE online! Yes, there is much information online for this subject which you can read freely! My e-BOOKS contain my personal reference notes for JUST HOW I ACCOMPLISH my goals on the internet!
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Kindle 3 Beats Harry Potter To Become the Best Selling Product in Amazon History

With These Numbers, If You Write You Should Be Publishing Yourself!

 Kyle VanHemert Reporting Tech News For Gizmodo,

"Amazon doesn't like to talk numbers when it comes to Kindles—a reported 8 million were sold in 2010 alone—but they're happy to confirm this factoid: the new Kindle is the best selling product in the site's history.

The new bestseller status means that Kindle 3 has vanquished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) as Amazon's top selling product. It is indeed a nice ebook reader! And while they have you here, Amazon would also like to point out that people bought 13.5 million things on November 29, amount to a record breaking 158 items per second. When's this e-commerce fad gonna end!?"